Our Company

For over forty years Goldwasser & Company, LLC. has provided a broad range of insurance services and products to help meet our clients’ objectives.  We are an independent insurance firm specializing in life, disability and long term care insurance for personal income protection, business continuity and estate planning.  We treat every client as unique and can work with your team of financial and estate planning professionals to provide the ideal solution for your liquidity or insurance needs.  If insurance is needed, our roll as independent brokers enables us to work with many insurance companies to ensure we are find you the absolute best policy and underwriting result.  Our goal is to build long term relationships with our clients and provide unparalleled service.

Who We Are

For more than four decades, Goldwasser & Company, LLC has specialized in life, disability and long term care insurance planning for individuals and businesses.  Our primary goal is to provide unparalleled service and unbiased expertise when it comes to assisting our clients with their insurance needs.  We work with our clients and their team of professional advisors to provide the best recommendations, implementation and servicing of their insurance policies.  Every client is of course unique and we pride ourselves on the service and attention we give to each and every one. We stay informed with current market trends, tax laws, interest rates and other changes that could impact policy performance and ultimately our recommendations.  As brokers we are singularly focused on finding the best solution for the client regardless of who the insurance company is.  We routinely work with many insurers so you can feel comfortable that our allegiance is to you the client, and not the insurer.

What We Do

You’ve put considerable time and effort into building a solid financial foundation, we help you keep together what you’ve worked so hard to build.  We provide tailored solutions for our clients utilizing a variety of insurance strategies.  Our singular focus is to listen to our clients’ goals and concerns and come up with a plan that effectively and efficiently meets their objectives.   Working as part of a team with your other professional advisors we then implement the proposed solution.  We routinely work with young families buying their first life insurance coverage, established businesses needing insurance coverage for key executives or for business transition needs, and wealthy families concerned with significant estate tax liabilities.

How We Do It

We are completely focused on providing clients with unbiased custom made solutions for their unique insurance needs. We are singularly focused on protection; protecting your income, your business and your family from the pitfalls of a disability or premature death; we are not in the wealth management and financial planning business. Our consultative approach is simple to understand and done without any pressure or obligation by you.  It is our responsibility to help you make the most informed decision as to which solution or solutions best resolve the needs or desires you have for your business and/or family.  We emphasize service, service, and more service.  Being independent brokers, you can rest assured that you are getting a complete objective recommendation that meet your goals and the needs of your family or business.